Visual update test in Erangel map for PC players by haarvtech

Visual Update In Erangle

finally, pubg is going to update it’s a first and most popular map (Erangle). They are going to develop this map according to the other latest maps of the game. they have started back in March with an initial balance of loot and followed it up more recently with a full loot pass.

pubgh has launched a sneak peek at some of the improvement in Erangle. The major changes are in the visual effects of the map as shown in the video that is posted on the official social pages of pubg.

This Erangle test consists of new building styles, more realistic scenery and terrain as well as there are some new and changed areas in the map. Moreover, there is a setting for an updated blue zone.

Officials have declared that these changes will be rolled out on test servers first, allowing players to get in, test map stability, check out all the updates, and provide their feedback before the update hits the live servers later this summer. One important note this test is only for PC players.

There are some detailed plans for the test server operations which are stated below:

Information about the Erangle test

PC Test Server Availability: 6/6 8:00 p.m. – 6/11 8:00 p.m. (PDT)

Operation plans by phase
Phase 1: 6/6 8:00 p.m. PDT ~ 6/8 8:00 p.m. PDT (48 hours)
Partner Custom Matches only
Only the updated Erangel and normal Custom Match mode are available
Only official PUBG partners from each region can create Custom Match sessions, but all players can join the lobby to play
Phase 2: 6/8 8:00 p.m PDT ~ 6/11 8:00 p.m PDT (72 hours)
Public matchmaking and Partner Custom Matches available
Only the updated Erangel map is available. Quick Join is also available.
Squad mode only. FPP only in North America and TPP only on Asia servers.
All players can participate

the officials have uploaded a list on the there official site about the partners.
the partners can make the session and the other players can join the custom match rooms. the other players can look out for there favorite and best streamer from the list given below

PUBG partners for NA/EMEA/LATAM for Erangle test servers




The complete list of all the partners are available on the link given below
complete list of partners

Changes in Erangel’s blue zone for testing (applied during the test period only)

Size of the safe zone is reduced in the earlier phase.
Blue Zone speed is reduced in the early & middle phases.
Blue Zone damage is slightly increased in the later phase.
Blue Zone timings are faster throughout the match.
Blue Zone delay is reduced in the earlier phase.
Blue Zone delay is reduced in the last phase.
Blue Zone timings are faster throughout the match.

Also check the new update of pubg version 0.13.0 Team Deathmatch

thank you

-Team Haarvtech

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